Shared Time and Television

I’m tired. My body is still recovering from the car accident back in March and some days I need more sleep than others. Surprisingly I need more sleep on the low pain days than the high pain days. Go figure.

All weekend I dozed in between packing and moving. As soon as I put my head in SC’s lap or on his chest, I would pass out. That’s not normal for me. I mean, I feel safe with him and comfortable, but it is a sign that my body needs more rest.

Yesterday, I knew I had to go to sleep early in order to survive the rest of the week at this job that has maybe 10 hours of design work for me to do each week, if I am lucky, where I am expected to sit around for the rest of the 30 hours getting paid to do NOTHING. Ugh! The contractor they had before hiring me full time clearly over stated the amount of time it took to complete projects.

SC has never really been a sleeper. I recall scrolling past plenty of videos and updates he posted on Facebook in the middle of the night about his inability to sleep. He sleeps now. His first full night of sleep in over a year was the night he slept on the couch at my place back in April. He sleeps pretty deeply now, but he still goes to bed late even though his body seems to crave rest. Case in point, we laid down for a nap on Friday after work at 5:30 pm and we woke up at 1:30 in the morning.

Let’s talk television.

Luckily there is some overlap in the shows and movies we are interested in, however, SC is not big on watching anything I suggest. Hell, it took me a month to get him to buy in on ‘American Gods’ even after his two closest friends vouched for it. Now he loves it. We wait all week for his friend to come over Sunday night to watch one episode.

I watch shows he’s interested in, but the three times I’ve wanted to watch something, he just “couldn’t get into it,” even when it’s a show he actually likes. I’m not suggesting things like ‘Jane the Virgin’ or ‘Scandal’. I can watch those on my own.

My gorgeous man-child husband, lounging around in a t-shirt and underwear, only wants to watch what he wants to watch when he wants to watch it. Occasionally I will pop ‘Last Week Tonight’ on and he’ll willingly watch it because it’s informative and funny and who doesn’t like John Oliver? Wait, don’t answer that.

On my way home from work I decided I would chill in the bedroom and watch some of my shows on my iPad so he could have the TV to himself. He’s been re-watching ‘Trailer Park Boys’ on Netflix for the past three or four days. I’ve never watched the entire series. Don’t get me wrong, it can be amusing. The comedic timing is spot on and Bubbles is hilarious to me. That being said, I don’t feel like watching all 11 seasons right now. I just don’t.

I’ve fallen behind on the shows I watch over the last three months and I plan to catch up, whether SC watches them with me or not.

I’d had ‘Last Week Tonight’ on before we had dinner. I went out to smoke a cigarette (Yes I am a runner who smokes. At least I ran and will run again once I finish healing.) While I was outside he switched from ‘Last Week Tonight’ to ‘Trailer Park Boys’, so I went in the bedroom and turned on my iPad. The episode of ‘Last Week Tonight’ was almost over anyway. I wasn’t sure what I felt like watching, but another day of ‘Trailer Park Boys’ was not on the list.

He came in the room and asked, “What is this?” I explained that I just wanted to catch up on a couple of shows and that I was beat and would likely go to bed early. I let him know that it had nothing to do with us and that we were fine. He took the dog with him and closed the bedroom door.

About an hour later, he busted the door open to find me half asleep and said, “I don’t like this. I think it’s fucked up that you’re not watching television with me and that you don’t want to watch ‘Preacher’ with me tonight.” Then he was gone. I think I fell back to sleep in the middle of the speech. Let’s assume so because it was like he was talking and then he vanished.

I went out and explained to him again that it had nothing to do with him and that I have shows that I watch that will likely not interest him so I will watch them on my own. I then asked if he planned to watch ‘Preacher’ and he said he realized I was exhausted and it could wait until tomorrow. I went and passed out in the bed. It was only 9:30 or so. I woke up at 5:40 this morning. Clearly I needed the rest.

I’m not sure where I was going with this. I’m not sure how to work the television viewing thing out. SC is super selfish about watching what he wants when he wants to. I know my dad will sit on his laptop while my mom watches shows he might not be into and he’s even gotten into some like ‘Jane the Virgin’.

I know I keep talking about that damn series. I never thought I would get that into a CW show. I ran out of things to watch and Hulu kept suggesting it. I got hooked. This season they took it off of Hulu and the CW app kept crashing. Now it’s on Netflix and since SC entered the picture I haven’t had a chance to really get into it again.

My dad, of all people, keeps asking if I’ve caught up so we can talk about it. I’m still on episode 2 after many attempts to watch it because SC keeps coming home early to spend time together. For that, I am grateful. Who doesn’t want a husband who wants to spend all of their time with them? This is a dream.

What’s a girl to do? It’s only television, but this is what we do when we come home from work, cook, eat, and lounge around chatting and watching anything until it’s time for bed. We did these things on our own before we got together and we continue that tradition now.

I’m not going to spend a lifetime watching shows that don’t interest me in place of shows that do. I’m not planning to forgo reading to watch said shows either. Luckily he’s a reader, too. But seriously, how do I even attempt to sort that out? Watching ‘Trailer Park Boys’ night in and night out for the rest of my life sounds like slow torture. *sigh*



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